Henry and Marigold – Week #3 – mix “n” Match Mini Writing Challenge

mix-n-match-mini-writing-challenge (1)

Week #3 of the Mix “n” Match Writing Challenge brings a picture prompt with some choices. I chose to name the pair Henry and Marigold – with the plot point of making a friend. I know my word count is bit over 100, but the fun of this challenge is that we have fun with the prompt and just write. Which I did.

Here is my entry for Week#3.

henry and marigold2953c608-c019-4000-88cb-ee72bfac62d8_1_201_a

Henry and Marigold
“What’s the matter Marigold? Henry lay down in front of the little chick.
“I’m lost!”, sobbed Marigold.
“Not to worry. Climb aboard and I’ll get you home.”
Marigold hopped onto Henry’s leg, then made her way up, up, up to his head.
“Dig in your feet and hang on. Here we go.” Henry carefully stood up and walked forward.
“Oh, it’s beautiful up here!” Marigold chirped and wiggled.
It wasn’t long before they found the hen house.
“There’s my mom! Thank you, Henry. You are a wonderful friend.”
Henry once again lay down. Marigold quickly hopped down from Henry’s head, to his shoulder and down his leg. He watched as Marigold reunited with her family. There was lots of clucking and flapping of wings. Henry gave a happy woof.


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