Keyword Connect – KISS

I have taken part in the Monthly Keyword Challenge for several years and I enjoy the hunt to find a book to match at least one of the words.
I also take part in the Connect Five Friday challenge – where we look for 5 books that connect in some way.
I’ve also started to participate in the monthly Six Degrees of Separation challenge.
For all of these, it is about the hunt – searching for books that fit the challenge. And now there is a new one.

Pick any of the keywords for this month from the Monthly Keyword Challenge and make connections. This month choices are Kiss, Flower, When, Happy, North, Right. (Check here

My choice – KISS.

1. I read Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh.  I just discovered this series and started reading her Guild Hunter series and so enjoy it.

aa kiss6582637

2. Another series by Singh is the PSY-Changeling series and have just started to read this series –the first book is  Slave to Sensation. Both fantasy series are addicting!

slave to sensation9049550

3. Another series I loved and have reread is The Others by Anne Bishop. My favourite series for sure.

written in red 15711341

4. Another favourite book that I have reread is The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley. Time travel, history and fascinating characters make for a great read.

rose garden9792287

5. Another fascinating read that involved time travel and is part of a series is The Little Shop of Found Things by Paula Brackston. So enjoyed this novel and this series.

little found shop31450585

So here are my connections – a fun challenge linking books in some way.

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