OLW, 2021 Bookish Resolutions and 2021 Reading Challenges


It was a very windy route to finally settle on my ONE Word for 2021. I started with thrive, then connect, do,  SISU. dare and even WOW.

But as I thought about what this year will be, I knew I needed a word that would force me to get off the sidelines and do more, be more. My birthday is next week and I will then be in my 70th year. That is a bit of a shocker. I don’t feel old ( except in my joints). But I am tired of watching the world go by and not pursuing my passions. I do read a lot but I am not creating or writing much at all.

So LIVE seemed to be what I needed.

These quotes speak to what I hope to achieve this year – living with more intention, more purpose, more creativity, more curiosity.
Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. Matt Cameron

Stop living on auto-pilot, Start living on purpose.   

I created the canvas above to keep me focused during the year ahead.

cant live without books books-001

2021 Resolutions
Last year I joined the 2020 Bookish Resolutions Challenge and set my goals for reading for 2020. I have not seen this challenge posted yet but I do want to be accountable so I am posting my reading and writing goals for the new year. I was not successful in my writing goals but did meet my reading goals. Reading was a necessary comfort last year for sure.

Here are my resolutions:

Reading Goals
• Complete 10 reading challenges this year
• Read 350 books over all – (at least 100 to be pbs and mg novels)
• Read at least 50 books that I already own
• Read 50 non-fiction books, including books on writing and creativity
*Read the following series (some to start, some to finish:

-Louise Penny’s Gamache series

-Sue Grafton’s series (T on)

-Narnia series

-Series by Holly Black and Leigh Bardugo

Writing Goals
• Finish at least one writing project a season
• Write 500 words per day
• Enter a writing competition
• Complete a writing course (online or in person)

Reading Challenges

Since one of my goals is to take part in 10 challenges, here are the 10 I plan to participate in.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: I plan to read 350 books this year – less than last year,  but with less pressure.

Popsugar Reading Challenge. This is my favourite challenge – 50 books for the year.

52 Books in 52 Weeks. Another enjoyable challenge

Beyond the Bookends

While I Was Reading

Monthly Motif

Monthly Key Word

Emelie Richard’s Reading Challenge

Diversify Your Reading

Modern Mrs. Darcy

There are so many challenges and I usually check these out throughout the year to see if I have read books to meet their categories. For me, the fun is in the search – finding books that can meet criteria from at least two of the challenges.

Check here to see a Master List of Challenges at GirlX0X0 – something for every reading taste.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year, full of amazing books.

9 thoughts on “OLW, 2021 Bookish Resolutions and 2021 Reading Challenges

  1. All the best with Live. Yes I know getting to 70! Well I’ve already made it to there and one more! My word for 2021 is Stretch! To remind me to stretch every day for my joints and muscles. But it also means to stretch beyond so I think it will be good. I will most likely do Emilie Richard’s reader challenge but the first one is a a book with a first responder as main character. Hmm not sure what I could read for that.

    • Love your word Kathryn. That’s a word I need for sure! My joints are protesting a lot more now lol. I haven’t checked into any books for that challenge. Will do so this weekend and share with you. Hope you had a good New Year. Ours was quiet. Bill got back from dialysis early – at 11 so we got to see the ball drop together.

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