Thursday Book Tag – This or That

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I saw this tag posted at Reading in the Wings and it appealed to me, so am filling it out. (Not sure the original creator though)


Read on the bed or the couch?

Neither. I tend to read at the dining room table or at the computer as I need a straight back chair for my back.


Read at night or in the morning?

Both. Actually, I can read any time of the day, whenever I can steal some time. Most of my reading though is in the evening, especially late at night. Last night I read til 2:30 am to finish Love Lettering. (Loved it!)


Male main character or female main character?

Either, altho I tend to read more romances so often there are dual POVs. I do read more female authors though.


First person POV or third person POV?

Either, although first person POV tends to draw me in faster.


Trilogies or quartets?

Either. Love getting into a good series, no matter the number.


Libraries or bookstore?

Both. I have so many books, I try not to buy too many, so get books from the library if I am able.  I get a lot of free ebooks to check out authors as well. I borrow from friends if I can and check out second hand book stores (or I used to before Covid).


Books that make you laugh or cry?

I want to be moved by a book, to be drawn into the story. Sometimes it means laughing, sometimes crying.  So, either.


Black book covers or white book covers?

I really don’t care the colour of the cover – just as long as it is a great read.

love lettering 44792512  Beach Read 52867387._SY475_ written in red 15711341

Character-driven or plot-driven? 

Much prefer a character-driven novel.


Fun tag – if you feel so moved, join in the fun!

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