30 Word Thursday – 3 Tiny Snowmen


TIME FOR Thirty Words Thursday, a new weekly challenge that was inspired by Erin Prais-Hintz who originated this photo/word challenge. (although her blog is no longer active, she is on facebook. Check out her wonderful art.)


This week’s photo is of three tiny snowmen I created after the heavy snow we got a while ago. I needed to clear off our air conditioner and instead of just weeping the snow off, which I usually do, I made balls of snow. They didn’t last long, but they were fun to create.

Now, here is the poem in their honour:


3 Tiny Snowmen

Three tiny men of snow

Three balls each,

Perched atop the large box.



Not able to touch or hold



Like gargoyles

Perched and guarding  

Guarding – what?

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