It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

It’s time once again for Kathryn’s weekly meme, “It’s Monday! What are You Reading?” at Book Date, where we share what we’re reading and have read over the past week.

A bit of a rant.

I came to do this post tonight and found ANOTHER change to wordpress. I really don’t have time to learn and relearn hos to post. Why do they have to change up things, just as we get used to the way to create a post?? I don’t like these changes. Anyone else feeling similar thoughts? How do we complain?

What I Read Last Week

I read 4 books plus 15 picture books (for my pb study this month). I read 3 contemporary romances and a non-fiction book.

2 romances by Lorelei James which I really enjoyed – part of her Blacktop Cowboys series. James was a new author to me and I read the final book, and, liking it so much I ordered more from the library. A new series I am looking forward to reading now.


The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker I have been reading this bit by bit over several weeks. Lots of ideas for noticing more, doing more. A great read.

Stay With Me by Samantha Chase. I always enjoy her books and this was no exception.

Because I will be reading so many picture books throughout March, I won’t list them. But here are my top 3 reads this past week:

I Talk Like a River by Jordan Scott

Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea by Meena Harris

Swashby and the Sea by Beth Ferris

What I’m Reading Now (Still reading the first 2 but must read the third as it is due at the library by the 10th,  and I have started it)

What You Wish For by Katherine Center

When We Were Sisters by Emilie Richards

The Garden of promises and Lies by Paula Brackston

What’s Up Next

 If I Knew Then by Jann Arden

10 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

  1. I’ve been on a bit of a romance streak lately, so I love these book choices! Lorelei James is a new author to me – I will have to check her out! Hope you have a great reading week!

  2. Changes to your preferred blogging platform are always hard. I often don’t see that they add value to my blogging experience either. Your books look good. I don’t read very many romances unless they are romantic suspense. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  3. I love Lorelei James! The first books I read by here were the first in her Rough Riders series, and they were a bit shaky. I think they may have been her first published stories. I’ll tell you what, I’m glad I stayed with her. The rest of the series was amazing. And her Need You and Want You series are some of my favorites.

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