30 Words Thursday – Spring


TIME FOR Thirty Words Thursday, a weekly challenge that was inspired by Erin Prais-Hintz who originated this photo/word challenge. (although her blog is no longer active, she is on facebook. Check out her wonderful art.)

Spring has been showing her face – with warmer weather and more sunshine. Birds are coming back and snow is all but gone. Hard to believe it is only March.

I just finished reading The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker. It was filled with ways to notice what is around you. Too often we get caught up in our thoughts and worries, and forget to really observe.  This inspired this week’s poem:

Noticing Spring


Spring is here

Noticing, watching, seeing

Signs all around.

First flower


Robins, doves

Warmer air

Squirrels, chipmunks


Worms, bugs

Rain, thunderstorms

Signs to notice

Eyes wide open

Ready for spring.

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