Connect Five Friday – Books I Have Taken Notes From

It’s time once again for Connect Five Friday, hosted at Book Date by Kathryn – the meme where we share five book/reading things that connect in some way.

I keep a yearly journal, in which I record:

*a monthly to-do list

*seasonal to-do lists

*a seasonally list of books to read

*lengthy quotes that inspire me

* books I need to get again from the library (as I ran out of time to finish them before they were due)

*notes from books that I want to refer to later

Really, my journal is just filled with what catches my eye, my thoughts, my heart. I have kept these journals for several years and have referred back to them many times.

Here are 5 books I have read this past year and recorded notes from them:

Non-fiction books:

gift 50892125

The Gift by Edith Eger. Filled with wisdom, from this 90+ year old psychologist and Auschwitz survivor.

“To celebrate the gift of life is to find the gift in everything that happens.”

art of noticing 41552704

The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker. Lots to learn from – he even has a weekly newsletter that is so informative.

i miss you when i blink 40539018

I Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philpott. Essays that touch and inform.

“We all keep certain phrases in our minds. Not mantras exactly but go-to choruses that state how things are”

Fiction books:

what you wish for51168993._SY475_

What You Wish For by Katherine Center. Love this novel. Love the notion that we must do something joyful; “never miss a chance to celebrate.”

color of light 23638950

The Color of Light by Emilie Richards. We are called to do good works.

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