“Our Own Backyard” Challenge – Part 2 (Spring)


Welcome to the “Our Own Backyard” challenge, in which my friend Linda and I will share pictures of our yards during the seasons.

Same City
2 Friends
2 Yards

The idea is to document a part of our backyards every season for a year. Linda chose to document her beautiful linden tree.

Even though I have a huge evergreen in my yard, I am choosing to highlight the gardens in my front yard and now, with my back gardens as well. 

In the front yard gardens, the perennials have started to grow. The weather has been milder and rainy off and on. Perfect for growing.



The garden to the right of the front door is narrow and over half of it is planted in lilies – which have started to overtake the garden!



To the left of the door is a garden we have been adding to the past few years. But it still seems unfinished. There is still more to plant, but the bleeding heart started to grow, as have some tulips.

Unfortunately, squirrels which love our huge evergreen, raid the garden, even through the mulch.


The garden in the middle of the yard was added after we cut a birch down. Instead of a stump, we chose to create a garden. The peonies have started to grow. Out little lanterns are now out as well.


My oldest son just finished creating this raised bed at the back of the yard last weekend. We have done container gardening for years but it is getting to be a challenge for us, so we trying this new garden this year. It will be for vegetables.

DSC02319  DSC02320

Beside this garden, there are purple flowers already in bloom. Soon the asparagus will be up as well.



Even though this nest isn’t in the yard, I had to share this amazing sign of spring. We’ve had robins nest on our porch for years, but none the past 3 years. Now there is a nest on top of our hanging ladder, with 4 beautiful blue robin eggs. I look forward to catching sight of the new life.



And a sign of spring we already have blooming, are bright and pretty even if they are weeds.


Head on over to Linda’s blog to see what’s she’s documented this season.

I’m already excited to share what my gardens will look like in the summer.

I’d love to see something from your yard.

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