Connect 5 Friday – 5 Goodwill Finds


It’s time once again for Connect Five Friday, hosted at Book Date by Kathryn – the meme where we share five book/reading things that connect in some way.

I wasn’t sure what to focus on this week, but then I started reading one of the books I just got from Goodwill yesterday and knew that would be the topic.

Here are the last 5 books I bought at Goodwill – $10 for 5 books and a donation to Goodwill.

Christmas at Holiday house 49875578

Christmas at Holiday House by RaeAnne Thayne. This is the first of the 5 I have started and I’m enjoying it. Always have enjoyed reading Christmas stories anytime of the year!

“This New Year will bring widowed nurse Abigail Powell a fresh start in a different city. Excited about the chance to create an unforgettable Christmas for her young son in picturesque Silver Bells, Colorado, Abby has been hired to take care of her dear friend’s recuperating grandmother. But sprightly senior Winnie insists she doesn’t need looking after. What she does need is help decorating her historic mansion, Holiday House, for a seasonal town fundraiser. Abby warms to the festive task, but she’ll have to contend with her own personal Grinch: Winnie’s prickly grandson, Ethan Lancaster.”

waking the witch 6725785

Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong. An urban fantasy, by a local author, I’ve wanted to read a book by her for a while.

“At twenty-one, Savannah Levine-orphaned daughter of a notorious dark witch and an equally notorious cutthroat sorcerer-considers herself a full-fledged member of the otherworld. The once rebellious teen has grown into a six-foot-tall, motorcycle-riding jaw-dropper, with an impressive knowledge of and ability to perform spells. The only problem is, she’s having a hard time convincing her adoptive parents, Paige and Lucas, to take her seriously as an adult. ”

Forgotten guide 39294680

The Forgotten Guide to Happiness by Sophie Jenkins. Reading the book blurb intrigued me enough to buy it.

“Twenty-eight-year-old Lana Green has never been good at making friends. She’s perfectly happy to be left alone with her books. Or at least, that’s what she tells herself.
Nancy Ellis Hall was once a celebrated writer. Now eighty, she lives alone in her North London house, and thinks she’s doing just fine. But dementia is loosening Nancy’s grip on the world.
When Lana and Nancy become unconventional house mates, their lives will change in ways they never expected. But can an unusual friendship rescue two women who don’t realize they need to be saved?”

Dreamong of Christmas 40984065

Dreaming of Christmas by T.A. Williams. Another Christmas book!

“Dumped on Christmas Eve by her long-term boyfriend, it’s been a rough year for Zoe Lumsley. But then she gets an invitation she can’t refuse: an all expenses paid skiing holiday with old university friends.

The bad news: her ex, Grant, will be there with his new girlfriend. But so will her former flatmate Billy, the organiser, and in the meantime he’s done rather well for himself. As Christmas in the Alps approaches, it’ll be great to see the old gang. Some more than others…”

last thing he told me 54981009

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave. THis is one I’ve read so many reviews for, so glad to get it and see what the fuss is about.

“The instant #1 New York Times bestselling mystery and Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick that’s captivated more than a million readers about a woman searching for the truth about her husband’s disappearance…at any cost.
Before Owen Michaels disappears, he manages to smuggle a note to his beloved wife of one year: Protect her. Despite her confusion and fear, Hannah Hall knows exactly to whom the note refers: Owen’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Bailey. Bailey, who lost her mother tragically as a child. Bailey, who wants absolutely nothing to do with her new stepmother.”

Which one would you read next??

4 thoughts on “Connect 5 Friday – 5 Goodwill Finds

  1. Good plan. But I actually did finish one – one I have tried to read for decades! The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Finally! Will aim for another next week.

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