“Our Own Backyard” Challenge – Part 3 (Summer)

Welcome to the “Our Own Backyard” challenge, in which my friend Linda and I will share pictures of our yards during the seasons.

Same City
2 Friends
2 Yards

The idea is to document a part of our backyards every season for a year. Linda chose to document her beautiful linden tree. Even though I have a huge evergreen in my yard, I am choosing to highlight the gardens in my front yard and now, with my back gardens as well. 

Our gardens (and grass for that matter) have taken a beating with so little rain and not as much watering (as my hubby has been in hospital for all of July). But we did have so many beautiful flowers – peonies, geraniums, coneflowers, pansies)

The garden to the left of the front door is has had most of the flowers bloom and only a few are left.

To the right of the door is the garden where the lies have now finished blooming. They were so lovely. There are still coneflowers.

The garden in the middle of the yard now has only a few flowers. The peonies have come and gone.s

Our raised garden (created by my oldest son) has been overgrown by our tomato plants. What an abundance of tomatoes we have had, as well as kohlrabi, swiss chard and onions. The peppers unfortunately got overrun by the tomatoes.

And look at the yield just today

Beside this garden, the asparagus has grown and finished. We had so many delicious feast of it.

Head on over to Linda’s blog to see what’s she’s documented this season.

I’d love to see something from your yard.