“OurOwn Backyard” Challenge – Part 4 (Fall)

Welcome to the “Our Own Backyard” challenge, in which my friend Linda and I have been sharing pictures of our yards during the seasons. This is our last season to share – fall.

Same City
2 Friends
2 Yards

The idea was to document a part of our backyards every season for a year. Linda chose to document her beautiful linden tree. Even though I have a huge evergreen in my yard, I am choosing to highlight the gardens in my front yard and now, with my back gardens as well. 

With fall now here, and a variety of changeable weather, flowers have withered, although some weeds still prosper.

The garden to the left of the front door is flowerless, altho still green. It also holds our jack-o’lantern for Hallowe’en night.

To the right of the door is the garden where the lilies bloomed, is now seen them all cut down. Even the coneflowers are withered..

The garden in the middle of the yard has had the peonies cut down as well as the other plants.

Our raised garden has a few tomato plants still sporting a few green tomatoes and some large kohlrabi .. What a harvest of tomatoes this year..

Beside this garden, the asparagus has grown and finished. .

Our huge evergreen has had a trim, but is also sprouting so many cones.

Head on over to Linda’s blog to see what’s she’s documented this season.

I’d love to see something from your yard.

7 thoughts on ““OurOwn Backyard” Challenge – Part 4 (Fall)

  1. That lantern sure is something. My beans in one part of the garden have just put their head about the soil about a week ago. I need to go to the shop to buy a tomato plant. My silver beet is still going in my raised bed.

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