Goddess Fish Blog Tour for The Dangers of Loving a Rogue by Jeri Black

I am honoured to be part of the Goddess Fish Blog Tour for Jeri Black’s historical romance,  The Dangers of Loving a Rogue, which I read and am now reviewing.

(Please note: I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review. This is also my first review with this group)

My Review:

Jeri Black has written a captivating historical romance that gives us engaging major (Jack and Celia) and minor (all of Jack’s crew) characters, lots of adventure, danger and romance.

It was a fascinating look at the dangers of the time, especially travel at sea, with pirates and weather. Even the accuracy of the hurricane that struck Charles Town was used to good effect to advance the story.

It took me a bit for me to be drawn into the story, but once I was, I was committed and engrossed in it.

I would highly recommend this historical romance. I found it a very hard-to-put-down novel.

Book Summary

If not for deplorable timing, Celia Breckenridge might have avoided a pirate attack. She’s
grateful for her rescuer, truly, however the stubborn man is sailing in the wrong direction! Most
alarming still? The silver-eyed rogue is devilishly attractive and Celia must keep reminding
herself she’s betrothed to another.
Jackson Beaumont had a plan: sail to the Caribbean; find a hidden cache of emeralds; return to
society a wealthy man. Alas, he arrives in Charles Town with marauding pirates, a disgruntled
heiress, and a hurricane at his heels. Rescuing the lady from pirates posed little challenge –
allowing her to return to her betrothed is proving far more difficult.
But Jack won’t return to England without his fortune, and when it comes to another man’s bride,
he’s not above a little plundering himself.


It occurred to her then that his amusement stemmed from the fact that she’d baldly stared at him
for several moments while he waited for her to introduce herself. But my, what a spectacular
figure this Jackson Beaumont made.
His arm swept out, gesturing to their surroundings. “Rather odd circumstances in which to meet
a lady, but we shall have to muddle through.”

For heaven’s sake, he behaved as though they’d just been introduced at tea. Next, he’d take a
pinch of snuff and comment on the weather. He watched her closely and she knew he expected
her to speak, but her throat was swollen and parched. One would think her pitiful attempt at a
scream would have indicated a difficulty. She raised her hand to her throat, attempting to
communicate the problem.
He raised a brow and his lips quirked. “Forgive me. ’Tis obvious my attempt to set you at ease
has failed.”
And then he smiled.
Not one of those swift quirks of the lips she’d seen before. Oh, no. This was a full smile, with
wide lips and white teeth, and eyes gone crinkly at the corners. Her entire being stirred and
preened and fluttered helplessly beneath it.
Lud, a man could kill a woman with a smile like that. What on earth was it doing on a swarthy
sea captain? Her gaze swept him from head to toe again. Dangerous he may be, but also,
without question, the handsomest man she’d ever laid eyes upon.

Author Bio and Links

A love of history and happily-ever-afters lured Jeri Black from reading historical romances to

writing her own. She earned a B.A. in Finance after working several years as a bartender.
Spending countless nights with a variety of humanity has given her a unique perspective on the
attitudes and exploits between the opposite sexes. Her lively, witty characters are a result. Jeri
writes historical and contemporary romance and is a 2017 Golden Heart Finalist.

She lives on the west coast of Florida with her husband and forty-year-old box turtle rescue named
Klide—who likes strawberries, chasing bunny rabbits, and chewing on her shoes.


The Dangers of Loving a Rogue
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26 thoughts on “Goddess Fish Blog Tour for The Dangers of Loving a Rogue by Jeri Black

  1. Thanks so much for hosting The Dangers of Loving a Rogue today. This is the book of my heart and I’m thrilled to see it in print. Jack and Celia’s story was a lot of fun to write and I fell in love with these characters as they developed on the page. I hope your readers enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  2. Thank you for sharing your awesome review of The Dangers of Loving a Rogue, this definitely sounds like a must read for me.

  3. Great excerpt and I like the cover, The Danger of Loving a Rogue sounds like a fantastic book for me to enjoy, thanks for sharing it with me!

    Thanks, Beverley, for sharing your review!

    Have a terrific day!

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