One Word 2023 – First Check-in

Get More Familiar with Your New One Word

In this first month with our new words, we are asked to answer these questions. (Check here for how to participate)


Where have you already seen your word? Where can you put it so you can see it more often?

It is surprising how the word stretch jumps out – whether it is about different stretches we need to do to keep us limber or how we need to stretch our abilities.


What does your word look like to you? Take a photo or draw a picture or create a graphic to visualize your word.

Since I have been using OLW, I have created a canvas for my word – to keep it visible and front and centre in my workroom.

I have also created a journal, to write in quotes and thoughts about the word.

Here are a couple of new quotes I have found:

Keep stretching yourself beyond your level of comfort

Stretch yourself beyond what you think is possible


Why did you choose this word? 

I have been collecting ideas, books and supplies over the years and have visited blogs , signed up for courses and dreamed of being published or having an art show.

But the past few years, with covid and my husband’s health, I have done little to move myself forward. I dream with little follow through

So I thought about what I needed to do to move forward and I realized I really needed to stretch myself. To actually take those dreams and DO something.

I have taken an inventory:

 of art and spiritual books I want to read and work through;

 of ideas of art prompts I want to do; 

of courses I’ve started and want to finish.

I’ve also been hesitant to reach out to others . I watched a show recently where Jane Fonda said she reached out to people she admired and said “Let’s be friends.” I need to stretch a hand to others and make new friends.

So – stretch, grow, be fearless, get uncomfortable.

5 thoughts on “One Word 2023 – First Check-in

  1. I so love the canvas you made with STRETCH. Beautiful colors and design! You have great ideas on how to use your word this year. Stretching can feel intimidating to me, but it’s where growth occurs. You’re in for a good year! 🙂

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