Free Verse Friday #2 – Winter

Free Verse Friday is our year long poetry practice. On the first Friday of each month, Linda and I (and anyone else who joins in) will be writing a poem based on the theme of the month along with the photo taken relating to that theme or that inspired the poem..

I am choosing to write 30 word poems.

This month the theme is “Winter”. There are so many options.! And we are definitely getting the cold weather and snow that signals winter!.

I noticed this pile of snow after our last snowstorm last week and I was inspired to write this poem.


A seated snowman

Sculpted by wind

Appearing overnight

Caged in the corner

A block head

Rounded by wind

Legs and feet disappearing

Blown by wind


What are you thinking?

Be sure to check out Linda’s poem here.

Be sure to check out poets who have joined in the creative fun!

Cheriee Weichel here

We’d love for you to participate as well. Add a link (or your poem) in the comments.

Our next poems are due Friday March 3rd.

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