Goddess Fish Blog Tour for “Metamorphosis” by Deborah A. Bailey – Guest Post

I am honoured to be part of the Goddess Fish Blog Tour for Worlds of Fire: Metamorphosis by Deborah A. Bailey.

Today Ms Bailey is visiting my blog to share her thoughts on why she chose Metamorphosis as the title.

Welcome !

Why I chose Metamorphosis as the Title

My original story idea was a bit different. In that version, the heroine wasn’t unhappy with her position in life. She didn’t question the established order of the Alchemists. In the published version of my story, I went in a slightly different direction.

Like in the original story, Asira is also a student from a prominent family. But she questions the structure of society because of the many rules they are forced to conform to. She studies hard and focuses on advancement to the Golden Court, which should be enough for someone in her position. However, she feels that something is missing. What if there is more to life than what has been prepared for her?

She is a student of transmutation, and she seeks out Jaydon because he is an expert in that discipline. He can help her to pass her exams and follow her family’s wishes. What she doesn’t expect is that Jaydon, who is from another world, doesn’t agree with the strict class system. He loves study and he has a gift for reading the magical Books of Fire. And he’s happy that his ability allows him to remain outside of the system.

Jaydon’s own transformation came when puberty gave him special abilities that allow him to read the magical books. As a gargoyle shifter he understands what it’s like to change from one thing to another. But his special abilities are what brought him to the attention of the Alchemists. His life went in a different direction because of a transition he couldn’t control.

In life we have many periods of transition – chiefly the time when we go from child to teen then to adult. Physical changes. Emotional changes. Mental changes. We’re not the same as we once were. Those changes can bring happiness or confusion (depending on your point of view). And as adults we may make plans for our lives, then at some point wonder if we want to continue on that path. Maybe what we thought we wanted isn’t what we really want after all.

As a writer, I can ask those questions inside of my fantasy and science fiction stories. But even though these are fictional beings, they can reflect human experiences. Sometimes we are forced to change and sometimes we make the choice to do so. Life is change. And hopefully as we go we can find happiness and satisfaction along the way.

In spite of their doubts and their conflicts within the story, Asira and Jaydon manage to find each other. They’ve learned that they can shape their own lives and be open to new experiences. There’s a saying that when one door closes, another opens up. Endings are also beginnings. They may not be easy but they can open up a new world of possibilities.

Thank you Deborah for sharing the reasons for your title choice.

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