Five Minute Friday – SUPPORT



Today is Five Minute Friday, the weekly writing Challenge hosted by Kate Motaung and the prompt is SUPPORT.


Throughout my life, I have received support from so many people.
My mother was my first and greatest support – encouraging me to return to university, to take a teaching job in the far north and to take me in as a single mom. I still miss her after 8 years.

My husband, my children, friends, and other family members give me support – as a writer, as an artist, for any action I seek support for.

We all need to have someone who has our back, who we can turn to no matter the time of day or night. They may even push us to do something we find challenging.

Always, prayer has been that extra support I have turned to so many times. I know prayer has helped me, in so many different circumstances.

Five Minute Friday – WORK


This week at “Five Minute Friday”, the word is “WORK”

Work has many conotations – both positive and negative. It can refer to our daily jobs, chores we must do around our homes or task we take on.
I was lucky to work at a job I loved for over 30 years – as a teacher. Yes, teaching was work and there were many challenges but it was also my passion.
I often worked long hours at night or on the weekend but I was doing what I needed and wanted to do.
As Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Now that I am retired, my work is more house workd and yard work – both of which I have always done, but am not really partial to. I have turned more to writing and art to fill my time.
We should all be able to choose work that fulfills us.

Five Minute Friday – Neighbour



September 1 – after many weeks of a prolonged break from blogging, I knew it was time to return to challenges and writing. I have not written much this summer – and I actually miss it. So embracing daily routines should help me write and create more.

One writing challenge I plan to participate more in is the “Five Minute Friday”. The theme this week is “neighbour


Neighbours suggest caring, people who have our backs, who we are friendly with. We turn to neighbours when we need something and we willingly help our neighbours as well.

Who are our neighbours?

Someone who lives next door?

Someone who looks like us?

Someone we like?

If we are to follow the words of Jesus “Love your neighbours as yourself” – then our neighbours can and should be anyone. It is then our responsibility to treat each and every neighbour with love and dignity.

If only we would treat everyone me meet as a neighbour, as a friend, as a valued person.

Five Minute Friday – STEADY



Every Friday, Kate Motaung posts a word to spark five minutes of writing. This week, the word prompt is STEADY.


“Slow but steady wins the race.”

Who hasn’t heard that motto or read Aesop’s fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare”? It is a lesson we all can (and maybe should) embrace.

When we steadily work on something, taking our time, being careful to do our best, we can achieve much.

It is that steady plodding forward that is the secret – keep moving, step by step; keep doing, eyes forward.

Writers are told to write daily and it is this daily action, no matter the number of words written, that improves our writing.

Five Minute Friday – WORTH

FMF-Square-Images-7 (1)

Each Friday, Kate Motaung of “Five Minute Friday”, posts a prompt and encourages us to write for five minutes.

This week the theme is  WORTH.  (Check here to visit other writers)


When we think of worth,  we tend to think first in terms of buying things and money – what is this worth? How much will it cost?

Yet, in these turbulent times, it is the worth of people which should be our first concern. As Christ told us, over and over, loving others is a must.

Too often, hate and cruelty to others predominates. Fear and ignorance push people to racist acts. The news is full of killings and destruction all over the world..

If everyone could only see that every person has worth, is valuable, is a child of God, LOVE would dominate, not hate.

Yes, we are all worth so much. We need to acknowledge our own worth and celebrate the worth of everyone we meet. We may never know when we meet Jesus.



5 Minute Friday – CONNECT


The first theme for 2017 at 5 Minute Friday is CONNECT.


To connect – to feel a closeness with someone, to feel their similarity to you, to want to spend time with that person.

We all seek connections – the first, as youngsters looking for a BFF. Then, as we get older, we seek to find someone to love and who loves us, to share our lives and hearts with them. That connection though is like a thin thread, from one heart to another and is easily severed. We need to always work at keeping that connection strong.

Our connections can last a lifetime though, giving us much support and love through good times and bad. How fortunate to have a childhood friend who knows our beginnings and is always there for us.

I’ve known my closest friend fo over fifty years. We met in Grade 5 in a park near her house. She has been there for me so many times and I for her. I am blessed.