Welcome 2020

2020 is a brand-new year and begins a new decade. It is also the opportunity to begin anew with a word that will carry me through this year.
Ali Edwards, with her year-long course, started me on the journey of choosing that One Little Word rather than make resolutions.
Here are the words I have focused on over the years:
2010 – YES
2011 – Balance
2012 – Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)
2013 – JOY
2014 – Embrace
2015 – Bloom
2016 – Shine
2017 – Cultivate
2018 – MORE
2019 – Focus

Each word seemed to fit the need I had for that year, some more than others. I had hoped Focus would force me to zone into what needed to be done and what I wanted to do. But it wasn’t as effective as I had hoped.
So, I started searching for a word that would allow me to return to some of the words I have had and capture some of their power.

I discovered a book at the library last month, read it and knew I had my word and my path for the year. Yes, I am retired but there is still so much I want to do.
The book was “Refire! Don’t Retire. Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life” by Ken Blanchard and Morton Schaevtz. It was filled with questions to look at what I wanted.
As they said:
To refire is to approach life with gusto. It’s to see each day as an opportunity for adventure and learning. It’s to infuse passion and zest into every are of your life.”

This was it – my OLW – my path forward, an approach to life, living with zest, gusto, adventure, enthusiasm.
Refire will be my OLW for 2020.

I even created a new canvas to hang in my work room



What is your OLW?