Slice of Life Tuesday


Home alone. Sounds strange and it is.

My husband is away at a conference for 5 days and 4 nights. Last night was the first night alone and I stayed up late – very late , so that I was tired when I went to bed.

I have the radio on , the door locked and a long list of things to do to keep myself busy.

Last night I sorted CDs and videos – piles are still everywhere. I have so many other projects to do but I could do this while watching “The Voice” (one of my favourite shows – love the mix of judges this year!).

With Thanksgiving this weekend (in Canada), I wanted to declutter in the living room. Have started anyway.

I also wanted to spend more time writing. At least I organized the stories I am working on, read a few great chapters for SYTYCW (Harlequin’s contest, for which I submitted a chapter) and now writing this.

But, after all the years I was on my own and then as a single parent, being alone now, especially at night, is so un-enjoyable! I’ll be glad to have my husband home on Friday. Maybe the living room clean-up will be done!

Slice of Life Tuesday


Every Tuesday, “Two Writing Teachers” hosts their weekly writing challenge. It is a chance to share a slice of your life with a very supportive community.

Tomorrow is the first of October. Where has this month gone? I have accomplished a few things (submitted a first chapter for the SYTYCW challenge and  the “Easter Lilies” competition) but there is still so much to do.

Yesterday, i visited “Lost Coast Post“, the blog of Michelle Remy and was struck by her honest, powerful post. She has made a commitment to set a weekly schedule so that she could accomplish more. She found she was “splintering my time in the study too much, wandering from project to project or allowing other distractions to creep in.”

I definitely relate to that. I know I want to write and to write daily is the best advice. Yet, I am not consistent with that. I write as the mood hits – often at night.

Then I came across this quote on another blog:

The way we spend our time DEFINES who we are. by Jonathan Estrin (Are you Doing what you love? was the tagline!)

It really hit home – I spend too much time on the computer – on facebook, visiting blogs, on twitter. Yes, I am writing and even creating art but not regularly or consistently.

So – for October I want to commit to a regular routine of “butt in chair” – to write daily as well as create art.

There are a number of challenges in both writing and art this month that I will be taking part in:

*Chapter book writing course with Kami Kinard

*Round 4 of ROW80 begins Oct. 6

*a study of “Bird by Bird” by Ann Lamott is taking place on FB

*daily doodle at Art Therapist

*7 days of “PaperLove” from Oct 7-13

What are your plans for October??

Slice of Life Tuesday


Every Tuesday “Two Writing Teachers” hosts a writing challenge – to share a slice from your life. 


The day after Labour Day has always signaled the start of a new school year for me. The end of summer, a return to routines, the early morning rush,  lesson plans and homework. 

Now that i am retired , September still signals the end of summer, but different routines.It still means the start of a new year, new beginnings.

While visiting Steph’s blog yesterday , I was inspired by her post on endings and beginnings. It reminded me of the pattern poem I always did with students – Hello/Goodbye.

Here are mine for the months ahead:

Time to stop procrastinating and wasting time online – spend more time writing and creating

Time to stop being inactive – make more time for exercise

Time to eat less – eat better, especially more fruit and vegetables

Time to stop negative thoughts  – reach out to others

Time to stop reading about events – speak out and write about what is wrong


It will be a time to – create more

                            -write more

                            -eat well

                            -move, dance

                            -laugh more

                            -be brave





Slice of Life Tuesday



Every Tuesday, “Two Writing Teachers” host the fun writing challenge “Slice of Life”.

I haven’t participated for a week as we were away on holiday. I had our ipad but I purposely did not do any blogging. A rest from technology was necessary. I was finding I was spending too much time online – I was becoming a twitter addict! Tweeting about politics was addictive. So a week away was needed.

Now that I am back, I am trying really hard to limit my time at the computer. I am also trying to get more physical activity throughout the day. I also needed to spend more time writing. Before we left,  my writing and art routines were terrible. I felt as if my creativity had gone on vacation! Getting away has helped. My hubby and I walked a lot; I took lots of photos and we just had fun together. We both needed that.

Now I am ready to get back on track, get back to writing, blogging, and creating art. I plan to work on my writing courses and read more as well. There are lots of over things I have on my to-do list and I want to accomplish more – around the house and getting together with friends. 

This is the second September I will not be getting a classroom ready and I do miss it. But September is also a new start for me – and has been all my life. I feel recharged and have lots of story ideas and a novel to work on! Looking forward to being productive in the weeks and months ahead.

March Slice of Life #2



Day 2 of the March Slice of Life – a daily challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers

Today is the Oscars – a yearly event that I have watched for over fifty years. I enjoy the parade into the Oscars, the opening monologue (Billy Crystal,  you were my favourite), the speeches, the awards, the memoriams. So, yes, I will watch, although now it is with less admiration, than it is a tradition.

Yesterday, though, I read about, and then watched a video on Alice Herz-Sommer. She died this past week at 110 years of age. She was the oldest Holocaust survivor and had survived the war by playing piano concerts.

Tonight, her life story will be honoured,  possibly with an academy award. I will be cheering for her documentary “The Lady in Number Six” to win (it was made by two Canadians!)

As I watched her remarkable life unfold in the video, I was struck with her optimism and joy of life, even though she had experienced the worst horrors during the war. She was always laughing. Music helped her have hope and always went to her soul.

 Here are several quotes – great words of wisdom for all of us to follow:

Everything is a present. Be thankful always.””

Music brings us to an island, with peace and beauty and love.” 

I look where it is good. I know about the bad, but I look at the good.”

I never hate. Hatred eats the soul of the hater, not the hated.”

Put something in your head every day. Learn, learn, learn. To learn by heart is better than pills.”

Put as much as you can into your heads. Nobody can take it away from you.”

Only when we are old are we aware of the beauty of life.”




March Slice of Life – Day 1


This will be the second year of taking part in March Slice of Life. This wonderful challenge, of writing a slice of life each day in March, is hosted at “Two Writing Teachers“.

 Last year’s posts took place on my art blog “Bunny’s Girl”. This year, as writing has begun to take more of a centre stage, I have started this new blog, focusing more on writing. As you can see, I have a ways to go in its creation. I hope this month it will grow and morph into what I am imagining it to be.

February is past and hopefully with it, those feelings of not being good enough. I started 2014 with the desire to write and to be published. My word of the year was “embrace” and i wanted to embrace that desire to write. So, throughout January I wrote almost daily. I took part in some challenges and joined several groups. By the end of February, the doubts had begun and I slowed down with my writing. (The polar weather we have been experiencing hasn’t helped!)


 A picture book I had written and submitted was panned and critiques I had had done on several chapters of two romance novels pointed to much revision.

But reading writers’ blogs and posts on their journeys has helped me to refocus on what matters.  The advice “it’s the journey not the destination, that matters most” really resonates with me.   I know I have to keep writing every day.

This daily ‘Slice of Life” challenge will help (and maybe some spring weather as well!)