Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”


I was checking blog posts from favourite bloggers tonight when I came across Joanne Goddard’s of “A Cup of Jo“.

She asked the question: What makes you come alive?

It really stopped me short and made me think.

She included Mary Oliver’s famous words (words really to live by!)

Instructions for living a life.

               Pay attention.

               Be astonished.

               Tell about it.

SOL is just that – telling about something we have paid attention to.

Joanne’s shared a list of things that brought her joy and encouraged us to do the same – to list the things that make us feel, or come alive.


Here’s my list:

*Hearing my granddaughter laugh

Seeing her discover something new

Hugs and kisses

Snuggling on the couch

Talking with my husband, kids and grandkids

Looking at pictures of family & friends on Instagram & Facebook

Making art

Walking along the beach with water lapping my feet, looking for shells

Playing cards with friends

Getting lost in a good book

Hearing my favourite music

Being caught up ion a mesmerizing stage play

Beautiful flowers

Seeing a beautiful sunset, in an array of colours


There are so many things to notice, relish, to enjoy – that fill you with joy. You just have to keep your eyes open!

SOL and Top Ten Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday, a weekly challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”, but it is also “Top Ten Tuesday”


A meme I participate in occasionally, Top Ten Tuesday, had an interesting topic this week: “Reasons Why You Choose a Book”
It made me stop and think about why I do choose a book to read.

My Top 10 Reasons Why I choose a Book to Read

(The books i have listed are all books I have read this year and I’ve given a 4 or 5 on Goodreads)

1. I love an author
Right now, I am devouring books by Sarah J. Maas, Samantha Chase and Morgan Matson.
But there are so many authors I love, and when one of them publishes a new book, I have to read it. Authors like Susan Kearsley, Louise Penny, Jude Deveraux, Penny Reid, Jill Shalvis, to name a few.

2. Books suggested by other bloggers or friends
I have a huge TBR list of books other bloggers have suggested and this has led to some amazing reads:
The last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary by Laura Shovan
Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld
Love, Life and the List by Kasie West

3. A book to fulfill a reading challenge
I participate in a lot of reading challenges and many times, a chose a book I might not have read because it meets a theme or criteria for a challenge. I read these and loved them. Now Ai am looking for more of their books.
Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig (tech. book)
One and Only by Jenny Holiday (one in title)
Getting Lucky by Katie Graykowski (shoes on front, Luck in title – met 2 criteria!)

4. I love fantasy, paranormal and magical realism. I am fascinated by the imagination of the author in creating new worlds, exciting adventures.
Anything by Sarah J. Maas
Carnival of Secrets by Melissa Marr
Magical Shift by Vella Day

5. I love books on time travel. It usually combines romance and a look at another time period.
Rose Garden by Susan Kearsley – my absolute favourite of this genre

6. It has won or been up for an award
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

7. The title or the cover appeals to me, especially when I’m looking in a bargain bin or in a thrift shop. It’s a great way to find a new author to love.
The Lost Recipe for Happiness by Barbara O’Neal
The Great Christmas Knit-Off by Alexandra Brown
Love Letters by Katie Fforde

8. Sometimes I just feel that I need to finally just read a book I have been putting off for a long time.
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
The Princess Bride by William Goldman

9. I seek out diverse books, to open a window on a diverse world.
The 57 Bus by Danielle Slater
Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal

10. Novels about second chances, enemies to lovers, older woman younger man, but definitely happily ever after. Yes, I am definitely a romance reader.
One Day in December by Josie Silver
This Time Forever by Mona Ingram
Band on the Run series by Samantha Chase


But then as well, there are also books I love about …

… highlanders

— books and bookstores

… misfits and lonely hearts

… cozy mysteries

…WW1 and WWII novels

and the list could go on and on!

I am fortunate now to be retired, so that I can finally read to my heart’s content. I enjoy reading from different genres, different age groups as well.

What are your reasons for reading a book??



SOL Tuesday


As I read Elsie’s post today, it struck me how long it has been since I participated in SOL.

I have been retired for over five years now and so have been distant from the day to day of teaching. I have kept up my teaching certificate – I can’t let go of that yet. I also read about and keep abreast of education issues. The weekly SOL felt right and filled a missing part of my life.

Over the past several years, writing a weekly slice of life and visiting other slicers was an important part of my week. But gradually over the past year, with worries and pain, I have veered away from slicing, and even from much writing. And I’ve missed it, all of it.
FOCUS is my OLW – a word that I need to help me to focus on just what is important each day, each week.

focus 2 001

And SOL is important.

Elsie’s post made me realize just how much I needed to return to SOL. So today, I am making the effort to write a slice and get back to a treasured routine.


Be sure to check here to see this week’s slices.


SOL Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.


Today began earlier than I planned (8:45), with the doorbell ringing and ringing. I grabbed my housecoat and rushed to see who it was. A community health nurse was wanting a patient – she was obviously at the wrong house. She handed me my paper though, and so I stayed up to eat breakfast and read the paper.

My husband got up soon after, had his breakfast and then we showered. My son arrived by 9:30, first to fill one of our tires (OnStar diagnostic informed us a tire was low) and then to drive us to Hamilton for my husband’s transplant clinic appointment.

Normally my husband drives, but the distant from where we park would have exhausted him and I’m not driving at all now. My son has moved to our city to be there for us. Now he mows our lawns, does odd chores and even some driving. I could a nice meal on the day he comes.

I had hoped there would be some positive actions the doctor would take to help my husband – whether from this doctor, or his heart doctor. But each look at the numbers and say, everything looks okay.  Today, we didn’t even seen the doctore – we saw the nurse and the intern.

Yet my husband has trouble walking longer than a few minutes without stopping and huffing and puffing. He has gained at least 15 pounds in the past 4 months. He is discouraged, I am stressed and feel too little is being done. At least we are participating in a diabetic fit programme through the Y for 3 months – 6 weeks to go.

It is so hard to see your partner suffer  and not be able to do anything. I have gained some weight through stress eating as well. The past four years in particular have been a challenge for him. He sees the doctors saying “see you in a year” (heart dr) or “see you in 6 months (transplant dr) as a good thing – I see it as washing their hands of him – not knowing what to do.

All we can do, is go day by day, trying to eat well, take more steps and be there for each other.

SOL Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”. After a month of writing, the weekly challenge has returned.

I may be crazy, but I have started another month-long challenge. This one is the “A to Z April Blogging Challenge” and well over a thousand people usually take part.

There are so many themes to choose from – I chose Art.

I have missed carving stamps, so I am carving a stamp a day. With the stamp, I am then creating an art tag, with a quote. Here’s a link to today’s (C is for Circles)



As I created the art tag, the quote I chose made me think about what is happening in the world today. Too often people are turning insular, closing off anyone who is different from themselves. It is a scary time, because it means prejudice and racism are once again flourishing, with tragic results.

We need to be open to new people, new experiences, new places. We can’t let a few trying to live in Gilead stop progress, change, multiculturalism. The world is becoming smaller, and neighbours now can be from anywhere. Easter should have taught us that love rules – not hate.