Titus’ Rockin’ Midnight Party

It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Annual Holiday Writing Contest! Lots of wonderful stories and so many prizes! Join in the fun. There are rules – so be sure to check out Susanna’s blog

Here is my entry for the contest:

Titus’  Rockin’ Midnight

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree at the Christmas party hop”” echoed through the cave, forcing Titus to wake from his long winter’s sleep. As he looked around, he saw his mother, father and sister still snoring, snuggled together.
Those words and tune drew him out into the dark night. “Let the Christmas Spirit ring.” What was Christmas he wondered?
Titus followed the music along the snowy path through the forest, the stars twinkling above. Many voices were joined in verse after verse of the catchy tune. He hurried as fast as his little cub legs would go.
At the edge of an opening, he was amazed to see a little fir tree decked in glittering lights, a ring of animals surrounding it, all singing “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”. He listened and couldn’t help but sway to the music.
Then his friend Seymour spied him and waved him over. Titus slid down the embankment and landed in a heap by the red fox.
“Join the party Titus. It’s the night when animals can talk and sing.”
Titus joined the circle and added his deep voice to the chorus around him. “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” filled the night.

Titus 001