SOL Tuesday and Writing/Photo Prompt Aug. 25


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday,  the weekly writing challenge, hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”

My break from blogging was necessary although it was longer than I thought it would be. I am glad to be back, especially to SOL.

I started my return with a new challenge “August Break” from Susannah Conway a few days ago. The challenge is to share a photo in response to the prompt posted each day. A second challenge from Carol Munro offers a writing challenge with that prompt.

On my blog I am sharing a photo and a response to the photo/prompt. I am also using the writing prompt in a journal.

I have had several months of a writing drought – yes there have been a few stabs at writing and recording story ideas. The routine of writing has been gone for a while. I am hoping this challenge will help me return to daily writing.Routines can be so easily interrupted and then such a challenge to reinstate.

When my husband was hospitalized in early April, I could not predict his long recovery nor my lack of desire to write or create art. But he has just returned to work on his old shift (7-4) and I am hopeful that my new found desire to write and create will continue.

A new writing challenge begins today as well. “Find Your Story” challengeis Jennifer Blanchard’s brainchild and will help develop a basic plan for NaNoWriMo, in seven days of daily prompts.

Photo Prompt for Aug. 25: Green

I love the colour green – in all its shades, especially in summer when there is an explosion of green. So much lush vegetation – grass, leaves, plants. I love taking photos of trees (although the array of colours in fall is amazing). flowers, and plants. Here are a few:




There’s still time to check out the challenges:

photo challenge from Susannah Conway


the writing challenge from Carol Munro.

6 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday and Writing/Photo Prompt Aug. 25

  1. I’m glad to see you back, Bev, and sorry that it took quite a while to settle back in. You find so many different challenges, and that seems like it will help you get back in the swing of writing. Love seeing the pictures, although I like brighter colors more, like those in the autumn. Spring green excites me, then I like the flowers better than the green, like those gorgeous lilies.

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