Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.


I have been politics obsessed for months, once again. I thought I had it bad during Trudeau’s bid for leadership during Canada’s last election.

This time, the outcome of an election is having a toxic effect all around the world.

Our Canadian newspapers and television have run numerous editorials about what is happening. We cannot ignore what is happening. And, now we have had a terrorist attack in Quebec City, by a white supremacist inspired by D.T.

I am saddened, worried, scared, angry – a whole range of negative emotions.

But, I have also been encouraged and proud of:

-the huge outpouring of support for the Muslims, both in the States facing the ban and those in Canada affected by the killings.

-the women and the men who marched in the “Women’s March” on Jan. 25th – all over the world

-the people who are phoning their representatives

-the mass twitter explosion of political hashtags –  #resist, #speakout, #BeASally


I have started a new project for a challenge I’ve taken part in for a number of years. I am creating SPEAK OUT art cards, with quotes encouraging us to be a part of protecting democracy.

Here are some of the cards I have done so far:









6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Oh, I love those as well! Those cards made my day–and I love the idea of having something like that in my pocket. Thanks for sharing them! I agree–it feels really good to do something positive like this.

  2. That Edmond Burke quote is my favorite quote – i have used it as a quote for a while now! I love that someone else likes it too. These are a really great idea. I want to find a way to do this in my classroom somehow

  3. Love this idea, Bev. This message needs to be spread. It is so easy to say that someone else will do something and things will soon be better. If we all thought that way what a sorry state the world would be in.

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