Tuesday Slice of Life


Today is Tuesday Slice of Life – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teacher”.

I almost didn’t participate, but then saw a post by Paula Kaye called “Currently” and thought it perfect for my lack of focus.

Currently this First Day of May

Outside the Window
All day it has been lovely –warm and bright. A day for shorts and sandals. The flowers have started to bloom. Tonight though, the street outside is quiet and darkness has settle in.

I’m wondering how we can make changes to our meals so that my husband won’t snack so much at night. The diabetic nurse gave us some suggestions when we met today.

Right now the news is on – I am a news junkie. Earlier though, we watched “The Voice” – my favourite show.

I’m reading several books now:
A MG novel I am critiquing for a friend
The Secrets of Solace – the second book in a fantasy series by Jaleigh Johnson
The Last of August – the second of a mystery series by Brittany Cavallaro
Birds Art Life – a memoir by Kyo Maclear

I am taking part in several challenges – both art and writing:
Miniature May – creating a 5×5 collage each day in May

NaPiBoWriWee – National Picture Book Writing Week – I wrote my first very rough draft of a pb – hopefully I will write one a day this week
Story a Day – I am once again using “The Encyclopedia of Me” to write an entry a day, as a tribute to Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

I am learning new strength and balance activities through the Fitness programme my hubby and I are taking through the Y (2 days a week for 3 months – we are into our fourth week)

At the beginning of each month, I write out the plans for the month that I hope to accomplish – from projects, to tasks, to books I plan to read (to meet the reading challenges I have joined).
I keep this journal all year – to record monthly goals, challenges, quotes, information from books I have read and lists of different things.

What’s in the Kitchen
Tonight I made homemade spaghetti sauce (ground turnkey, mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic) and served it over cooked spaghetti sauce.

A Quote to Share:
I read this post ( visit here) and loved it. I discovered this quote by Alexandra Franzen there:
Toss your pebble into the water and watch the ripple go, go, go, expanding outward into unexpected possibilities, opportunities, and invitations. There’s no telling where the ripple might lead.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Slice of Life

  1. What a great format to use when the Muses have taken flight. Never made homemade spaghetti sauce. I get it out of a jar. Thanks for sharing, Bev.

  2. Thanks Bob. It is probably the easiest there is – and can be the base for chili as well. Cook ground turkey or chicken.
    Chop up some mushrooms, an onion and some peppers and cook these. Add the meat back, add a jar of tomato sauce of your choice and cook through. Add any spices, diced garlic.

  3. I like that you shared how you plan things out for the month. That’s a good tip that I need to stay consistent with doing. Thank you for linking to my site. Have a great day!

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