Connect 5



Looking through my reading journal the past couple of months looking for book connections, i realized i had finally read 5 books published in 2019. And, they were so good as well.

Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase

suddenly mine 40409728

A romance novel by one of my favourite authors about new beginnings.


The Cliff House by Rae Anne Thayne

cliff house 40115559

Women’s fiction with a story of two sisters, the aunt that raised them and a secret. Well told!


Unforgettable You by Brenda Novak

unf. you 39721036

This is the 5 novel in the Silver Springs series – a story about family, loss and second chances.


Lavender Blue by Donna Kauffman

lavender blue40166970

Two grieving people and a chance to find love.


99 Per Cent Mine by Sally Thorne

99% Mine 36300625

What happens when the forbidden crush is free and you decide to stay put?


Connect 5 is a most enjoyable reading challenge. The fun is in the hunt – how can you connect five books?  Check here to take part.

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