Slice of Life Tuesday


Today at “Two Writing Teachers” it is time to share a slice of life.

I spent a good part of today watching the funerals for the three mounties killed in Moncton last week, as probably many Canadians were. It was over three hours and

 was a solemn, heart wrenching service.Then this evening, I watched the Nationals coverage and I was touched once again.

So many images will stick with me – the thousands of marching officers from all over Canada and even the US;  the 3 caskets covered in our flag with their stetsons and belts on top, at the front of the arena ; Danny, the police dog, catching a last scent of his master; the wives receiving their husbands’ hat and flag.

There were so many extraordinary moments: People in Moncton opening their homes to the hundreds who needed accommodation;  the service being broadcast all over Moncton so that thousands could mourn together; so many wearing red in tribute to these men.

It has been an incredible week – from the shootings last week; to the search for the killer and the outpouring of grief, anger, and then the massive, collective pride and love for the RCMP.

May these men rest in peace, knowing they died heroes.

Here is a link to the service.

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