Slice of Life Tuesday



“Two Writing Teachers” hosts the weekly “Slice of Life” challenge. This writing challenge gives us the opportunity to write about something in our lives.

Sunday my husband and I attended the anniversary celebration of an older couple from our church. These two have been married 65 years! Yes – 65! They’ve been married longer than we’ve been alive!

Both are in their mid 80s and are still very active. They sing in the choir and in singing groups. They volunteer and enjoy evenings out, especially playing euchre.They are always concerned with their friends and love to chat.

What role models they are for us all. They support each other, laugh and joke with one another and are still quite affectionate. I feel privileged to call them friends. 

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Bev,
    What an important milestone! Last year when my godparents celebrated their 67th anniversary, it was the first time in our home state in over 20 years and it was tremendous fun. Perfect reminder for me to stop by and visit!

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