Slice of Life Tuesday


It is that time of the week to write our slice of life for SOL Tuesday, a fun writing challenge at “Two Writing Teachers”.

In a step-family we do many things to accommodate our children

..last week we hosted Thanksgiving for my husband’s brood of 12 and this past Sunday we hosted my children and their partners (there were seven of us for Sunday’s second Thanksgiving meal)

It would be the first time we hosted my daughter’s fiance and my oldest son’s girlfriend.So of course, I wanted everything to be perfect. I had cooked a 24 lb. turkey the week before and all went well.

Everything seemed to be cooking well when the stove quit working. after about an hour of cooking.  At least I noticed it fairly quickly. The fuses had  burnt out and it appeared an element had died. Even though my husband took the turkey to his daughter’s for cooking, we wouldn’t have it in time for supper.(I had rushed over to the hardware to check the batteries and they gave me the bad news.)

So,  no turkey. Luckily my daughter was bringing some vegan dishes, as she is vegan. I quickly zipped back over to the store for 2 roasted chickens. Adding a salad, microwaved squash  and some cut-up vegetables with hummus, we turned a potential disaster into a lovely meal.

Later, we played some games – an old,fun favourite (Scategories) and a new one (Sequence).

. We all enjoyed the meal and the games. It didn’t have to be perfect

Really, it is all about the comapny.

8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. We used to love Scattergories, Bev. & your day turned into fun after all. What a time for the stove to go! The most positive thing I can say is that it makes a good family story!

  2. Fantastic! It is all about the company–what is on the table comes second after who is sitting around it! So glad I read your slice today. Made me smile and made my heart happy to read it.

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