Sunday Check-in ROW80


It’s time once again for the Sunday check-in at ROW80. A little late but it was a busy, hectic weekend.

I have continued the past week writing at least one or two chapters on the novel I started at the end of NaNoWriMo. Last night (Sunday) I couldn’t sleep and sketched out in some detail the last 6 chapters of the novel. I have my first reader for it. I sent the first 8 typewritten chapters for her to edit. (I write in longhand and then type and revise the following day. I have written so much tho that I am behind in typing.)

Other tasks completed:

I read several writing articles.

I visited my “team” blogs, commented as well as several other blogs.

In December, I plan to continue to work on my newest novel, as well as finish a couple of others. I am also moving ahead with a MG novel I started through the course I took last month.

I have several picture book scripts that I have to revise asap and submit to Rate Your Story.

Here’s wishing everyone a great week of writing!

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