Mid-week Check-in ROW80


Wednesday always comes so quickly after Sunday’s check-n. Since I started a new novel the end of last week I have become obsessed with it. I write often and have almost 15,000 words. The characters are even in my dreams.

I have not done much else, other than visiting other  Row bloggers and try to work on getting the house ready for Christmas.

I am still hoping to work on the goals I set on Sunday, but so far haven’t made much progress.

All the best in the week to come.


Here’sunger 001 a new quote for you (one I have been experiencing the past few days)


6 thoughts on “Mid-week Check-in ROW80

  1. I love love love when my characters are in my dreams…the other night, though, I dreamed that one of them had died, and was simultaneously in another room crying about it. That was odd.

    I say enjoy the story!

    • Thanks Shan. I have never experienced this engagement with the writing – chapters just seem to write themselves and it is like I am watching their movie unfold, as I write it.

      • I love love love that feeling…even at times like now, when the movie has gone about 180 degrees from where I thought this scene was going…

        Now I get to see what comes next.

        May we both enjoy the unfolding!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt of my characters, that sounds so nice! They’re in my head so often I think they go to sleep when I do! I hope you enjoy the new project, it seems like you’re making excellent process 🙂

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