Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – a writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers” – where we share a slice form our lives

It is a sad day when you walk around your yard each morning checking to see that everything is still as it should be.

Sometime late Saturday or early Sunday, someone(s) walked up our driveway, into our side yard, pulled the cover off our barbecue, and even turned on the propane, then left with a flat of begonias I got for Mother’s Day. (we still have threat of frost here in Ontario, so hadn’t planted them.)

It was my hubby who realized they were missing Sunday afternoon. I called the police and filled out an online report. I know the flowers only cost $14, but I felt violated. The idea that a thief was in our yard made me feel sick.

When talking with neighbours yesterday, I learned that several cars had been broken into Saturday night as well. I have actually seen a police car cruise around our neighbourhood the past couple of days.

In the years we have been here, this was the second time we have been robbed. The first was a wiseman from our large crèche we put out every Christmas. Since then, we have mounted them on wood and wired the pieces together.

I always thought of our neighbourhood as safe. But, I guess, there will always be people who seek something for nothing, who can only get what they want by stealing, breaking the law and causing pain to others. Sad, So very sad.

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. What a horrible feeling…just knowing that someone casually walked off with something that belonged to you. It makes me angry just thinking about it! I have had a few things stolen…a box of Little Debbie cookies (right out of my book bag) and once, my entire wallet out of my car. It hurts to know that not everyone can be trusted. Your writing captured those feelings of frustration and indignation perfectly.

  2. It is sad. I have experienced having things stolen, too…it is an awful feeling, no matter the value of the items taken.
    The year the Santa was stolen from my parents’ Christmas display took some of the joy out of it for my stepdad, who had always put up the biggest display in the neighborhood.

    • That one of ours – the wiseman – really hurt my husband. We had spent months and different cities driving to complete the set. Now it’s on boards and wired together. These people do take the joy away – and even a bit of innocence.

  3. Sorry for this, Beverley. Although it didn’t happen to me, I’m on an e-mail link in our neighborhood, & several people’s Christmas deliveries were stolen off their porches this past holiday. The police said that people troll the neighborhoods, sometimes following UPS or other delivery trucks. I hope this is all that happens in your area!

  4. This is so sad. And, yes, I would feel violated too. It’s not about the flowers so much but the fact that someone was on your property sneaking around like that. I’m sorry that happened to you. Don’t lose faith, though, in your neighborhood. A bad apple can’t spoil the bunch, right?

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