Slice of Life Tuesday


Today we share a Slice of Life – a weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Today my daughter and I were finally able to go for the Mother’s Day lunch she’d planned – work and illness and appointments had prevented us from going until today.

We had a lovely lunch and had time to catch up in person.

We talked about my mom, her grandma and I realized that tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of her passing. For my daughter, it seemed a long time ago, but for me, it still seems close.

The first couple of years, I took the day off work – it was just too hard to teach. But time does blunt grief and though I miss her  often, the memories do sustain me.

mom 3 001

My mom and daughter

8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Being able to have lunch with your daughter is a treat that you do not take lightly. My father’s passing anniversary comes up this week. I wonder how I will feel in seven years. Right now there is still the urge to stop by and talk to him, but then suddenly realize that’s not possible. Time does dull the sense, but never the deep sorrow of missing someone from your life.

    • You are so right Elsie. I still catch myself wanting to call my Mom. For the last few years of her life I phoned every day. My daughter is a nurse so we tend to work around her busy schedule. Hugs for you this week.

  2. We just marked the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing. In April, the fifteenth year since my husband passed away. Time wrinkles on these days, making it so hard to comprehend how much time has actually gone by and how your feelings stay the same and yet they change. So we make memories with the loved ones we have with us. We know how much we need memories to cherish.

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