Sunday Check-In ROW 80


Time for Sunday check-in at Row 80 – the writing challenge that recognizes we all have lives but still want and need to write.

My goals are listed here for this round and in bold is the progress from the past week.


  1. Write daily – at least 500 words daily. Yes
  2. Write first draft of MG novel “Jack’s Summer” –No
  3. Write first draft of  chapter book “Hazel” –No
  4. Write at least one picture book a month –yes for the month, but revising now
  5. Take 2 online writing courses and enter at least one writing contest. –working on “Idea to Plot” through RWA
  6. Outline two other novels –No



  1. Revise/edit “ Catching Love” –Working on first three chapters
  2. Revise/edit “Love Has No Age” –No – will put forward to next round



  1. Support my ROW team 2x a week –yes
  2. Take part in A to Z challenge – Yes – finished
  3. Write at least 2 other posts weekly besides ROW80 posts.- Yes


Reading (

  1. Read several picture books for study purpose each week – Yes
  2. Read 3 books on writing as well as articles –read several articles
  3. Read something for pleasure – read 1 novel this past week

Not sure if I’ve shared this – but lately writing has been more like bleeding!

hemingway 001

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