SOL Tuesday – Books, Challenges, Obsessions


Today is time to share our Slices of Life – the weekly writing challenge at “Two Writing Teachers”.


I am in an enviable position – being retired and being able to read as much as I want – finally. I have always loved to read and tried to find time to read during my years of raising children and teaching full-time. I usually had a half hour after supper when the children knew not to disturb me, when I could savour a cup of tea and read – usually a magazine.

But now I can indulge myself and I do. Last year I set a goal of reading 350 books on Goodreads and I exceeded it by 8. Now mind you, these included picture books, MG to YA, non-fiction, romance, scifi – so a range of books.

I set the same goal this year and so far, I have read at least a book a day. I am reading more from the library and the free books through free book services for the kindle (certainly saves money and keeps books off my overflowing bookcases!)

Last year I did not keep shelves on Goodreads, so unless I count, I don’t know how many of each genre I read. This year, I am using the shelves and it will help track what kinds of books I am reading as well.

Last year I discovered an obsession with fantasy/paranormal – immortal highlanders, shapeshifters, dragons – and it still continues. I have also been obsessed with reading series by author Susan Mallery.

Reading from many genres is hopefully helping my writing, as I write in several different genres (pix books, MG and romance).

I am also taking part in several reading challenges. They provide a different focus and a new community of readers. (check page above for my list of challenges and books read)

What books, challenges and obsessions are you looking to read this year??

10 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday – Books, Challenges, Obsessions

  1. Wow! 358 books. I can’t imagine keeping track of all of those. My favorite book so far is a 2016 one, “Be a Friend.” I’m also anxious to read the second “Mr. Lemoncello” book as I loved, loved, loved the first one. And “I’m Trying to Love Spiders” is also on my TBR list.

    I’m pretty eclectic, but I’d love to read just a few more of the award winners!
    Thanks for such an informative post!

  2. You are living the dream life of a bookaholic! I don’t do challenges or keep track of books read, but I do admire those who do. I am a bit obsessed with picture books. I love to recommend them to teachers. Recently I read Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepety, a very moving story.

  3. You get high marks in Retirement 101. How fulfilling to read and write as much as you want — which is obviously a lot. I miss that euphoric reading state when I am pressed with too much school business and don’t have a good YA or adult novel going. Thanks. 🙂

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