March SOL – Day 26



Today is Day 26 of the March SOL – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”

Today, my youngest son and his girlfriend came for an Easter dinner. My other two children were both working, so it was just the four of us. We played a few games pf Sequence and one of Mexican Train. Growing up, we always played games – from Rack-0 to Scattegories to Crazy 8 countdown (Matt was the wizard of that game!)
It was lovely to catch up on their lives, play some games and enjoy a lamb dinner.
I need to have some of this time with him as his girlfriend just got a job in B.C. and they will be moving out there in June. I’ll be lucky if I see them once a year.
Matt said my daughter had said that I would cry – yet, when I was his age, I moved to the NWT to follow a job – and I had no one to go with me. At least they have each other. How exciting for them. But, yes I will miss him for sure. At least there is Skype and email and phone.

Tomorrow will be dinner number 2 – ham for 10.

For now, we have a date night – my husband’s choice to pick a movie to watch. I wonder what he has in mind?


4 thoughts on “March SOL – Day 26

  1. Savor these moments with your son now. I know all too well the sadness of having a son far away. Yes, there are ways to keep in touch but in real life is the best. Can’t hug a phone.

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