Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Last week I read an interesting article by Kathy Ewing that had me looking back to my early years. She wrote “Remembering My Parents’ Bookshelf” and it definitely brought back memories of the banker’s bookcases we had while I was growing up. These glass-encased shelves held a special place in our home and housed the hundreds of books my father had (and all of which he had read.).
My dad was a reader, my mother not so much. Dad would rather read than entertain. Often times he would settle in his recliner to read while Mom talked to company.
I remember books by Churchill, books on WWII, Pierre Burton’s books on Canada, and even many classics gracing the shelves. Dad belonged to the Book of the Month club and it was a special day when a new book arrived.
I still have several of my Dad’s books on my own shelves, most with his signature inside the books. I wish I had been able to keep one of the banker’s shelves. I loved how the glass door swung up and back. (This was as close as I could remember the bookcase – although Dad’s were dark wood and had four shelves)



From him I received my love of reading and books. Now my own shelves are overflowing. At least now I have time to read every day.

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. I have such vivid memories of the family room bookshelves in my childhood home. A series of Encyclopedia Britannica, on the lower shelf, kept me occupied for hours and was a great resource throughout my schooling. I remember Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, April Morning, Trinity, and We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Cookbooks, too!

    • When you mentioned cookbooks, I thought of my Mom’s. She had one main one – Betty Crocker’s (which I have too) but then she also had all these cut-out recipes from magazines. I collect cookbooks myself -I have a lot!

  2. What a great memory. Neither of my parents were avid readers and our house was not filled with books so I don’t know where my love of reading came from.

  3. Those bookshelves remind me of Monticello. I always wanted shelves like that, too. Maybe I should act on that thought! My father was the reader, too. He only kept the books he loved most. I always wanted to touch his beautiful copy of Leaves of Grass (Whitman).

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