Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”

This was week six of our Diabetic Fit programme through the YMCA and today we had a tour of our local supermarket with a dietician.
Half of us are prediabetic and the information was very beneficial. Most of it I had read or already knew, but the woman phrased it in new ways. Like talking about insulin as a key that will unlock the door to our cells so they can use the glucose but if it can’t unlock the door, the glucose stays in the blood.
We went from the produce department, to seafood, to bakery, and finally to the pharmacy. We compared products and talked about how different ones could be used. We checked out calories, carbohydrates, sugar, satured fats, and fibre and discussed what we should be eating daily.
Even though I was familiar with reading the info on packages, it made me realize that we really haven’t been keeping track of carbohydrates as we should. Time to buckle down and really take charge of our diet and meal planning. I’m glad we went.
At the end, the dietician prepared a delicious salad for us, with avocado, peppers, red onions, tomatoes, chopped lettuce, with a lime, oil dressing. YUM! I then made it for supper. I will definitely be making it again.

8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Your post resonated with me because I’m participating in the diabetic clinic at my local hospital and it’s been so enlightening! I’m so glad that these opportunities are available to help us make informed decisions!

  2. I think this is a great idea. Reading about what to eat is valuable, but going through the store with someone pointing out which choices are best and why is much more meaningful. That salad and dressing sound delicious and refreshing for a hot day.

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