March Slice of Life – #22


Today is Day 22 of the March Slice of Life writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

As I was posting at my art blog, I thought that a look at challenges I take part in or have taken part in would make an interesting list. It might even provide someone with a new challenge to take on. There are so many challenges available online – in art, writing and photography to name a few. These are the areas I usually seek out, but I’ve seen some on decluttering, weight loss and personal improvement. Where ever your interests lie, you’ll find something to challenge yourself.

Photography Challenges

My favourite challenge is at “Shadow Shot Sunday“, where shadows are posted each Saturday. I have become addicted to seeking out shadows where ever I can.

ImageSky Watch Friday”  is a fun challenge that focuses on capturing skies, one of my favourite subjects.Image

Messy Little Details” is a weekly photo challenge on Thursdays, that looks at the messy details of our lives, in a fun way.

If you love flowers there are several photo challenges. I usually do these in the late spring and summer.

Flowers Today

I Love macro Flowers

ABC Wednesday, which posts on Tuesdays, is a fun weekly challenge that can be met in so many ways. Each week a different letter of the alphabet is the focus and everyone responds to that letter. I have chosen to do it through art. This week , we will be at “K”.

fox 001

Art Challenges

There are so many art challenges. Here are a couple of weekly ones I enjoy:

Collage Obsession

Inspiration Avenue

There are several that encourage creativity and have challenges often:

Creative Every Day

Daisy Yellow

Art Journal every Day

Gelli Paper Party

I have only scratched the surface. Plug in any challenge you seek and there will be many to find. The writing challenges are numerous as well, but I am sure you could list those.

It was the art challenges that really got me creating again and I still take part in these several times a month. It is the community of bloggers who make the challenge so much more enjoyable – as it is with the Slice of Life.



8 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – #22

  1. What is it about shadows? I am forever intrigued. The clouds tonight looked like blue cotton candy floating in a rosy pink sky. I wish I hadn’t been on the highway….Thanks for all these wonderful links. I love Daisy Yellow.

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