Slice of Life Tuesday


Time for the weekly writing challenge at “Two Writing Teachers”

We finally declared war on the dandelions in our yard Sunday afternoon. After a week away in Montreal and then a very rainy week last wee, were able to get outside and actually work in the yard. The lawn by then was over run with dandelions.

I manned the weed puller and my step-daughter put grass seed and more earth in the holes. I was exhausted after an hour of steady work. O couldn’t believe the length of some of the roots.

My husband prides himself on keeping our lawn dandelion -free all summer. He does a little bit each night. At least now, there’s no yellow, only a lovely green, mown lawn.It will definitely be easier to keep those pesky weeds at bay when there are only a handful to eradicate at a time!


7 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Here’s another thought. Someone posted on FB that those dandelions feed a lot of bees before the other flowers show up, so it would be good to take it easy on them for a while. Guess everyone has a story.

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