March Slice of Life – #4


Day 4 of the March SOL – that wonderful writing challenge hosted by “Two Writing Teachers”.

It  is after midnight so technically it is March 4th. I thought I might as well write my slice early.

I have seen the meme “currently” on a number of blogs and it seems fitting to do that now.


Listening to the quietness of the house – even the furnace is quiet, as it has been lowered for the night. Oh, there’s the chime for 12:45 from the grandfather clock.

Eating Nothing – too late!

 Drinking a warm mug of almond milk with cinnamon, in hopes help make me sleepy.

Wearing my long, warm, pink plush housecoat and my Birkenstock sandals.

Reading “Dreamlander” by K.M Weiland on my kindle. But looking forward to picking up books 4 and 5 of the “Fever” series from the library later today. I’m into fantasy in a big way lately. May read a chapter of Dreamlander before bed  -again. (reading at bedtime is not usual for me – as I usually have to read til I finish!)


Feeling tired but not sleepy; pain in my stomach that is keeping me awake.

Wanting spring to hurry up and arrive – tired of shoveling!

Needing some quality time with my hubby – this new shift of his means less of that.

Thinking of my daughter and praying for a safe and enjoyable holiday for her and her friends. Also, thinking of revision ideas for my current novel.

Enjoying  the quiet – not even the tv or radio is on – and one of them is on usually all day.


14 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – #4

  1. With all the links, it’s hard to find you, & this quiet morning I find your lovely description of your quiet evening. Hope all is okay, the pain is gone, and spring comes soon!

    • Thanks Linda. I know – it is so much harder to find old friends as I don’t have a list – have to scroll thru – but it’s worth it. Had a lovely hour at the library today and can’t wait to get reading! Take care.

  2. What a great format for a slice of life. I’ve been pondering what to do today. I was toying with a “10 Things Right Now” list, but may have to try this too.

    Speaking of inspiration, may I include this in an upcoming BE INSPIRED listing on the daily call for Slice of Life stories? Please lmk. Just shoot me an email with your permalink if that’d be okay with you. My email address is stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com. THANKS!

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