MARCH SOL- Day 11 and ROW 80


Today is Day 11 of the March Slice of Life – a daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Last week I wrote two posts on Wednesday, as I had two writing challenges that day. I thought I would have them share the same space  today so that the SOL community could take note of other writing challenges I take part (and vice versa) – they are all so supportive and help one’s writing in different ways.


Each Sunday and Wednesday the ROW 80 community posts their progress from the preceding week. This really helps us focus on our writing and what goals we want to achieve. The ROW80 community is such a supportive one.

My goals are listed here for this round and in bold is the progress from the past week.

  1. Write daily – at least 500-1000 words a day  ** yes 
  1. Take courses. Working on revision course with Janice Hardy as well as working on ReFoReMo – research on pbook writing; and joined in the challenge “Writing a Chapter Book in a Month”
  2. Read at least 3 books on the craft of writing as well as articles online. Read articles; almost finished “If You Want to Write” by Brenda Ueland
  3. Finish the first draft of “Catching Love” –Done
  4. Finish the first draft of my MG novel – Not on Jack’s Summer but wrote 1st chapter of new chapter book 
  5. Write at least one picture book a month Still working on new idea
  6. Enter competitions and twitter pitch parties – No, but planning on entering SCWBI WIP contest for end of March and a new Blaze request for novels before Mar. 16 – working on revisions
  7. Take part in Write1Sub1 and 12 X 12 worked on pb revisions
  8. Fulfill duties of mentor at ROW80, visiting my team 2x a week –YES
  9. Write at least 2 blog posts a week (other than ROW80) –Yes; I am taking part in “March Slice of Life” through “Two Writing Teachers” and I am posting every day, a slice or snippet of what is going on in my life – an interesting challenge with another supportive community (see above)


WIPpet Wednesday

For those who aren’t familiar with it , WIPpet Wednesday gives writers the chance to share excerpts from their works in progress (WIPs) on their blogs. The snippet must relate to the date in some way. T

Today’s  date is March 11, 2015:

So, 11 – 3 = 8 th chapter and 20-5 = 15  lines

Emma finally seeks to learn more about Flynn, to try and understand him better.

Turning on the computer Emma began her search. She read the Wikipedia entry and got a quick overview of Flynn’s life. She was impressed. MVP for two years at university, seven years playing the major leagues and considered one of the best catchers ever.

     Emma clicked on the link to the accident that ended his career. There was a video that was so graphic and horrifying, that she couldn’t finish watching it. How could Flynn even walk? Some player ran to  home plate and accidently stepped on Flynn’s ankle. Two surgeries, a pin and then a long recovery.

     The next article had a link to Flynn talking about his retirement. She could see the sheen of tears in  his eyes.

     “Thank you for all your well wishes and cards. I have been making steady recovery, but combined with my knee problem, I know I will never be 100%. That is not good enough. I owe my team 100%. So, as of today, I am retired. “

     To go from being one of the best to losing it all, must have been unbearable. No wonder Flynn didn’t want to talk about baseball. But, when it was such a huge part of his life, how could he just walk away from it cold? There had to be so many things he could do in baseball, even coach.

          Several articles touched her. They described how he always signed autographs for fans, no matter how long it took or visited young fans in hospitals or sent uniforms to several little league teams. He didn’t do it for the reward. He did it just because he could. This was the man she was getting to know.


28 thoughts on “MARCH SOL- Day 11 and ROW 80

  1. I love the organization and attention to craft outlined by ROW80 here. The list beckons for those serious about their improving their writing. Best of luck to you. Seems you’re learning and writing a lot. I’m impressed with your coupling of the two challenges.

  2. Seems there must be more to Flynn’s story than Wikipedia could offer up. But I’m glad Emma’s seeing the good side of Flynn. I’m going to guess there’s a side he might not be too fond of ????

  3. Warm fuzzies. 🙂 So, not your usual stinky-pot stereotype celebrity. Not that I really thought he was, but it could have been a good-girl-turns-the-bad-guy-good story, given that we just see little bits. I still think he’s sneaky with the whole pretend engagement thing, but I’m officially rooting for Flynn. 😀

  4. I like Flynn…but I definitely want to know more about the whole man. I do like the way we’re learning about him along with Emma, and I’m eager to see what else she turns up…

    You’re making great progress – and I love that you combined challenges. I usually seem to go way too long to do that. =)

  5. Poor Flynn. After he basically lured Emma into the engagement I thought he might just be some kind of airhead, but the more snippets you share with us, the more I like him. I have a really big soft spot for celebrities who value their fans and spend time with him, so Flynn’s gone up a lot in my estimation! It sounds like he’s just done the same in Emma’s too. 🙂

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