Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is time for Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers.”

Today I had no idea what I’d write about for SOL, but then I stopped by “Modern Mrs. Darcy’ blog and read Anne’s post “In Praise of Bookish Deadlines and Library Due Dates. It really got me thinking about my choices in when and what I read.

I have so many TBR books and overflowing bookcases and I know I need  want to read them.

tbr booksPC266464

(and this is just one small bookcase)

But I also borrow books from the library and usually have fifty or so at a time. Many have to be renewed once or twice before I get to it. I really do hate to return a book unread.

I keep a list by the computer for book recommendations – from picture books to MG and YA to non-fiction and fiction. I then order them from the library and at least once a week pick up a new stack of books.  But, from the 40 or so library books and the 100s of my own, how do I choose?

Well, Anne suggests that deadlines help us choose and she is so right. As she said, “A good deadline forces me to ask myself if I’m ready to read it right now.”

As I checked out the notification from the library this morning, I realized I had 3 books due on Friday – 3  books that I have already renewed 2X and can’t renew again. They are all non-fiction and all three I am interested in. But I know I can’t read all three this week. Naomi Klein’s book “This changes everything” is the one I am planning to read. The others I have to return and hope to get again, when I am ready for them. I really feel that the right book arrives at the right time.

Whether there is a deadline or not, sometimes a book jumps the line and I have to read it. I am working my way through Robyn Carr’s Virgin River  and Thunder Point series. So when they become available through the library, I read them as soon as I get them.

Now that I have the time to read, I am definitely reading more.  I hope to chip away at the long list of TBR books, although more deadlines are coming up for my library books!

How do you choose which books to read?

14 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Our library has a system where you can list your favorite authors and your name goes on the request list as soon as a book comes out. These books are only checked out for two weeks and no renewals allowed. If it is one of those books, I have to stop and read ASAP. Otherwise, I don’t have a system for selecting reading. Often I will try to read the books that are being buzzed about on blogs. Hopefully that will keep me a little current.

  2. Picture books are no problem. I read them to the granddaughters if I think they would enjoy them, or read & review for my blog. I understand about the rest. I alternate among adult books, the library, books from NetGalley, & older ones I’ve skipped, but still want to read. It helps me choose to narrow among those 4 groups. Sometimes, if a new one comes out that I can’t bear to wait, nothing else to do but read it. Oh my, what if we lived next door to each other, Bev?

    • Thanks Dana for stopping by. But I am retired now. When my children were growing up and I was teaching I had little time to read, until the holidays. There is a season for everything.

  3. I usually just read whatever I feel like, but I realized I have a huge backlog of books I own that I haven’t read. So I created two stacks and I just alternate which stack I read from. ^_^

  4. Bev,
    I love the conscious decision-making process you shared. I have a stack, er . . .stacks and typically “a mention” as I finish the current book has me “restacking” and choosing the most recent “wish”. Any week where I can’t read seems like a soul-less week!

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