March SOL – Day 9



Today is Day 9 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge in March hosted at Two Writing Teachers.

I have seen several other slicers using the A-Z format for slices. I used it last year as an organizing tool for what I planned for the rest of SOL.
This time, I am using it to share more of myself.

A – Art provides me a necessary way to explore my creativity.

B – Beverley at birth (and ley), but Bev by choice, never Bevie

C – Challenges, in both art and writing, allow me to try new techniques, improve my skills, have fun and meet others

D – Dancing draws me into the music and I get lost in movement.

E – Elephants, angels, birds, heart boxes, horses – all things I have collected over the years

F – Flowers always grace our table – from cut roses to flowering plants.


Blooming on our table now

G – Giving back is very important to me – helping those in need.

H – Horse racing has become a new passion since marrying my husband.

I – Inspiration comes from many sources – art, music, nature, stories, movies, people.

J –Junk collections help with my art to create mixed media pieces.



K – Keeping letters, cards, souvenirs, children’s work in several tubs.

L – Love my hubby, children, step-children, grandchildren, friends and extended family

M – Marriage late in life (at age 50) has been a blessing

wedding 001

N – North West Territories held my heart for three years – where I first started teachingand had my oldest son

O – Orphan now – Dad died in 1972, Mom in 1988

P – Proud Canadian – and have travelled through all provinces/territories but one (NFld.!)

Q – Quiet by nature, but can be a bit rowdy at times

R – Reading every day is one huge benefit of retirement

S – SHINE – my OLW (one little word) for 2016 – to push me to shine my light

shine P1021901

T – Teaching consumed me for over 35 years

U – Using old books to create altered journals

V – Voice – my favourite show, for the music and the coach interactions

W – Writing is important and I work in many genres – from picture books to MG to romance novels

X – XOXOXOX – how I sign my cards to my love – always and forever

Y – Yarns in different colours are turned into crocheted afghans

Z – Zany? No, but I do enjoy a good joke and I love to laugh when I can – good for the soul


14 thoughts on “March SOL – Day 9

  1. Art seems to be a consistent thread throughout your alphabet, but also happiness with life. What a beautiful bit of sunshine on your table now! I keep threatening to move to Canada if a certain man is elected. Can’t say I’m proud to be an American with our current state of politics. 😦

    • After the negative campaign run By harper and the conservatives (our Republicans) it was so refreshing to see Trudeau win a majority. What a difference in what he has already accomplished. He’s in Washington today.
      I too dread Trump winning – let’s hope Democrats can hold on.
      Thanks for the lovely comment Elsie.

  2. I enjoyed your use of the ABC format and I look forward to trying this format. I learned so many interesting things about you and hope that these “letters” find their way into future slices.

  3. I like your creative approach to sharing your life. I wonder whether it is better to write what comes to mind first or take time to think.

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