March SOL – Day 12



Today is Day 12 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Part 2 of Challenges I Participate in (check here for Pt. 1 Art Challenges)

I’ve taken part in many writing challenges. These challenges encourage daily writing as well as studies of books to improve one’s writing.
Right now, I am participating in:

1. This one of course!

2. ReFoReMo Reading for Research Month
Each day during March there are posts about different aspects of picture books as well as a list of picture books to read and study. I have been ordering lots of excellent picture books from the library all month and am certainly enjoying reading them. I hope it improves my own picture book writing.

3. ChaBooChaChapter Book Challenge
This is a challenge to write a children’s chapter book in a month. There are posts throughout the month to encourage us.
I had started one a while ago but got stuck. I am using this challenge to get “unstuck”. I’ve been doing research as well as working on more detailed plotting.

Next month are 2 challenges I am still considering – both of which I took part in last year.

1. Camp NaNoWriMo – where you set a goal and complete any writing project in a month.

2. Blogging A to Z Challenge –Over a thousand people have signed up to take part and will post daily, with a different letter each day.

The challenges get me writing and a chance to meet others, both wins.
What challenges are you working on?


4 thoughts on “March SOL – Day 12

  1. Wow, Bev, I can’t do all these at the same time, but I sure like doing one. I’ll do a poem a day in April, but may return to my regular posting after that. I need to work on my personal writing too. Best wishes to you in the challenges. I am impressed.

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