Slice of Life Tuesday



Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

All day I have been checking the news and Twitter for the latest news and more information on the fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I lived in Alberta for three years and visited McMurray in 1979 – a long time ago but I have many happy memories of the town. My friends no longer live there, so I have no present contact with anyone now. But the latest news that the whole town of 75,000+ had to be evacuated came as a horrible shock.
There have been so many tragic events associated with natural disasters in the past few months (and years for that matter). Just the news the past few days from Texas and other southern states is so unbelievable.
For those who say climate change is not real – check the people lost, the homes destroyed by floods, fore or tornadoes. To those experiencing the ravages of nature – may you all be safe.

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