Slice of Life Tuesday



Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”

Once again I am embarking on a 100 day journey. I’ve had good success with 30 day art and writing challenges. This one though, is much more important as it is not only for myself, but for my husband as well.

We both need to lose weight and get more active. This way we can support each other.
He is still not back at work yet and not fully recovered from his pace maker implant in February. So we will work together to get healthier.

I am tired of being out of shape, pain, bloating. Enough already. My daughter keeps telling me she wants me there to see her kids grow up. So for the next 100 days (Spt. 1st is the end date but we plan to keep going), we will:
~walk more
~drink lots of water
~eat healthfully and mindfully
~stretch, and use weights
~laugh lots

Day 1 is almost done and we have made it through the day smiling and feeling good.

2 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Yeah Bev and your hubbie!!! You can do it!!! My husband and I just finished a 10-pound throwdown – 10 weeks of doing just what you are doing.. He lost 25 pounds and I lost 10!!!! We cut out all refined grains (so nothing white – all whole wheat), no sugar, got rid of alcohol, ate more veggies and fruits, and lots of homemade (lower salt) soups. I was able to got off my acid reflux meds, and my cholesterol is back to normal and also triglycerides. We got FitBits to encourage us to walk more and we are just trying it day-by-day. Go girl go!!!!!! You will feel better in 2 weeks and definitely be feeling great by Sept. 1!!!!

    • Congratulations Suzanne – to you and your husband. That’s what we are hoping. Like the idea of the fitbits – will check that out. Thanks for all the suggestions and support!

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