March Slice of Life – Day 16:O


Today is Day 16 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.


O is for Oceans

I have always had an affinity for water – weather stream, river, lake or ocean. I have not lived on water but usually near enough to water that I can visit when I needed to or wanted to.

In Scarborough growing up, we were close to Lake Ontario and often went to walk along the shore.

At university, my residence was close to the Rideau Canal and I would often walk or bike along the canal. Now living in Cambridge, the Grand River runs through the city’s core and we can walk along the walkway.

Staying at a cottage in Haliburton meant swimming in Head Lake or Rice Lake when we visited Peterborough. There were always places to visit near water – whether Banff , Alberta on her honeymoon or the St. Lawrence when we went to Montreal.

Visiting Stratford is a must every year – not only for the theatre, but for the lovely Avon River and walking along its shores. The swans are a lovely sight as well.


But it is the ocean that especially draws me – its power, force, beauty. There is something so mesmerizing watching the waves crash onto the shore.

Although Canada’s Motto is “from sea to sea”, it has become more accepted as “from sea to sea to sea”, to show our inclusivity.

I have been to the three oceans surrounding Canada and swum in two of them.

In Vancouver, it was the Pacific Ocean

In Prince Edward Island, it was the Atlantic Ocean

In Tuktoyuktuk, NWT, it was the Beaufort Sea/Arctic Ocean – although there I walked on it (covered in ice!)

In other travels outside of the country, I have also been to:

Pacific Ocean when I was in western Mexico

Atlantic Ocean when I was in Ocean Park, Maine

Caribbean Sea while on a cruise.

I crossed the Atlantic Ocean 40+ years ago when I flew to Glasgow, Scotland with my family. I put my foot in the North Sea when we visited Elgin.

I wonder which body of water we will visit next?

6 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 16:O

  1. I live far from the ocean now, but I have been blessed to live really close (we could walk to the coast from our apartment in Lima, Peru) and close enough to visit often (we loved the Oregon coast when we lived in Portland, Oregon; went to the Jersey shore when we lived for a short time in New Jersey; Myrtle Beach, Williamsport, and Charleston when we were in North Carolina; and Savannah and Tybee Island in Georgia). Twice I spent a week’s vacation with relatives in Naples, Florida. This week my brother and his family are on vacation in Florida and my niece posted a video with the sound of the ocean and I felt such a longing to be there again.

  2. Water is a must for me in my life as well. I also visited Stratford one summer and it left such an impression with me. Looking forward to one day revisiting the water and the swans.

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